I'm No Decorator

Tweet I began writing this post with the intention of explaining why and when someone should hire an interior designer (and so help me God, I will write it!).  It struck me, however, that most people in the general populace really don’t understand what interior design is or what exactly interior designers do.  We are perpetually […]

DIY Gone Wrong

Tweet A couple of weeks ago as I was describing my own Do-It-Yourself tile project, I mentioned that I was quite familiar with “DIY-Gone-Wrong.”  While I love starting from scratch with new construction projects, much of interior design work involves renovations and remodeling, and uncovering or correcting mistakes that well-meaning homeowners have made.   I made a […]

The Confluence of Cork and Plastic

Tweet I love opening a new bottle of wine.  In particular, I appreciate now more than ever, wine bottles corked with actual cork.  Cork, that fabulous stuff that’s peeled from the outer layers of the cork oak tree, is so ubiquitous in our world that it’s actually become a verb.  Besides the actual wine, the […]

HGTV Got Nothin’ On Me

Tweet That was my husband’s motto when we purchased our 40-year old house.  We had become adept at ripping up old carpets, painting walls and doors, and had even replaced our wood deck all by ourselves, so we were feeling pretty confident about our abilities to care for and maintain our home. We did respect […]