Get a life…style?

Tweet Can lifestyles be changed like a pair of shoes? There is no cookie-cutter solution for you.  You cannot buy a “lifestyle” out of a box, no matter how much you want to.  And isn’t that a good thing, anyway? We’re all slobs, with messy kids, and big ol’ lazy streaks.  Perhaps you have the […]

Brighten up your lighting

Tweet Do you have a dark room that doesn’t get enough natural light?  Besides using light colors and mirrors (carefully with the mirrors) to reflect and bounce more light around, here is something else to try.  Keep your lamp shades white.  White lamp shades will help brighten and disperse the light from your fixtures more […]

Design Thought for the Day

Tweet If you’ve been blessed with “plant shelves,” one of those fabulous architectural details all the rage with builders in the 1990’s, you may be tempted to put accessories junk up there. Please fight this urge!  Not all shelves must be filled.  There is nothing worse than crappy vignettes of decorative plates and bottles and […]