Outdoor Rooms

Tweet Welcome to Part 1 of a new series about designing outdoor spaces.  I, along with my compadre, Landscape Architect, Mike Flaugh, will be exploring all things related to exterior design, outdoor living spaces, and landscaping in a series of conversations on each of our blogs.  We’ll be covering a lot of ground here (no […]

Move it!

Tweet From the active design files of my brain…. Don’t be afraid to move your furniture around.  Try different arrangements.  What happens if you angle your sofa?  What happens if you move the lamp to the other side of the room?  Shake up the energy flow in your room, and see what happens and how […]

Cattle Barons, Cancer, and my friend Susan

Tweet Mother’s Day Wishes One of the most rewarding activities I’ve participated in recently (this past March) was the Cattle Baron’s Ball of Martin County, Florida.  Now, growing up as a suburbanite in Fort Lauderdale for most of my life, the concept of something called a Cattle Baron’s Ball was a bit alien to me.  […]