Get a life…style?

Tweet Can lifestyles be changed like a pair of shoes? There is no cookie-cutter solution for you.  You cannot buy a “lifestyle” out of a box, no matter how much you want to.  And isn’t that a good thing, anyway? We’re all slobs, with messy kids, and big ol’ lazy streaks.  Perhaps you have the […]

Is your Clean Green?

Tweet Last week, while doing my grocery shopping, I came across a new product I decided to try.  I needed kitchen sponges, and in the cleaning products aisle I found these eco-friendly kitchen sponges and scouring pads right next to the regular ones.  Now, one thing you have to know about me is that I’m […]

Are you Eclectic?

Tweet Lots of people claim to be, or claim to like a vague, indefinable style called “Eclectic,” but what does that actually mean?  My Webster’s dictionary defines it as: selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles; composed of elements drawn from various sources. Eclecticism can make a room bold and […]

The Boundaries of Style

Tweet This past week I attended one of the most auspicious and prestigious events in the world.  On display were fabulous hair-do’s, sparkling jewelry, gowns and tuxedos, and very famous competitors with fantastic names.  There were surprises and upsets, protests even!  Glamour, glamour, everywhere.  This week was the incredible spectacle known as the Westminster Dog […]

I Love Color

Tweet I love color.  Bright, fun, engaging, dynamic colors, and bold graphic patterns.  They make my heart jump.  I also love stuff that helps you get organized.  Boxes, bins, containers, rolling carts with drawers.  So imagine my ecstasy when I came upon this row of storage containers while shopping over the weekend.  Stacks of storage […]