Design Thought for the Day

Good design matters and it requires patience.  Patience to “create, fashion, execute, and construct according to a plan.” (~Webster’s)  Behind every beautifully designed space lies a Brain Storm of creativity, deep-probing inquiry, and mettle.

Expensive, exotic, or rare materials do not equal Good Design.  Don’t cheap out on the brain power required for Good Design, because no matter how expensive or high-quality the materials: garbage in, garbage out.

4 comments on “Design Thought for the Day

    • Bob: Thank you! It wasn’t any one thing, but just an accumulation of little things, and I felt the need to put it on paper.

  1. You say it girl!

    It’s like buying designer clothing simply for the label on it. Nobody sees the label and nobody will care how much you spent if you still look like a dope wearing it.

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