Halloween is coming, and I’m getting excited!  Here are some cool things I’ve come across recently that are getting me into the Halloween mood.

Skulls and quilts, oh my!

A new take on quilts, and skulls, from Boo Davis over at Quiltsryche

A lovely line of monster supplies comes to us from the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies store in London.  (It’s really a front for the Ministry of Stories.  After squeeing with glee over the jars of guts and garlic chutney and zombie fresh mints, check out their mission.  It’s a pretty cool thing they’re doing.)

Served best on toast at room temperature (gross!!)

Canned Fear

When yelling fire in a theatre is just not enough

cool door knocker

Doesn't every suburban dwelling need one of these? They're not just for castles anymore!

More Canned Fear

A little more subtle than the escalating panic. The perfect enhancer for the moment when you've just opened the door to your basement, but haven't yet switched on the light.

A crow and a raven got together and made a craven. It was very romantic, I assure you.

This was one of the things that popped up when I put “steampunk wallpaper” into my google search.  Cool, kindof creepy, gears, insects, sci-fi….oh, Halloween, how I love thee!!!!