How to use your Outdoor Rooms beyond Summer

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What do you do when the weather turns?  How to use your Outdoor Rooms beyond Summer.

We’re quickly moving into Fall (where has this year gone?!), and it seems a shame to have spent so much time planning and using your Outdoor Rooms during High Summer, and then pack ‘em up and close shop when the weather starts to become less summery.

When the weather starts to get cooler, and day turns to night earlier, how can we capitalize on all this extra useful real estate we captured with our Outdoors Rooms?

Light and Heat

Internally lit furniture

Lights that float.  Sweet!

Check out Space Lighting for more furniture and lighting like this.

Tiki lamps

I like these wall-mounted types.  Light and heat without losing valuable floor space.

I found these on Apartment Therapy.  A DIY project.

Beautiful copper torches.  They’ll last longer than the cheap ones at the big-box stores.

These copper torches are from Frontgate.

Freestanding Outdoor Heaters

Both of these great styles use a garden-variety propane tank.


I love these modern, substantial firepits from AK 47.

I also love Multi-purpose objects.

It gives light and holds my wine bottle?  Super.

How’s this for multi-purpose?

Internally lit planter pots.

Modern and funky, or traditional.

(How fun would these be to work with, Mike?)

I found these great planters from Illuminated Planters.

Outdoor living doesn’t have to end when Summer ends.  Send me a photo of your favorite outdoor space, and let me know how you’ve adapted it to be useable during Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  (And send me your best recipes for organic bug-repellant– they love to bite me.)

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  1. I loved all these ideas! So inviting. Very soothing even. Pretty. I definitely will be looking these products. The furniture (probably expensive) are really fabulous! Thanks!

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