I Love Color

I love color.  Bright, fun, engaging, dynamic colors, and bold graphic patterns.  They make my heart jump.  I also love stuff that helps you get organized.  Boxes, bins, containers, rolling carts with drawers.  So imagine my ecstasy when I came upon this row of storage containers while shopping over the weekend. 

Stacks of storage devices, in an amazing array of colors and sizes.  Bright, happy colors, too.  I might have drooled a little.  My only disappointment was that there were none in orange.  I love orange- can’t seem to get enough of it lately.  In an effort to keep from buying one of each, I took a picture of the display and decided to share my obsession with you.  Always on a quest to straighten up my house, put things away, and find a place for every little thing, I’m drawn to the “Home Organization” sections of most stores.  They run a close second to bookstores and libraries where I can get completely lost for hours.

 What kinds of decorative and useful objects do you obsess over?

2 comments on “I Love Color

  1. The need for organization is never-ending. The accumulation of “stuff” is mind-boggling. Everything we do today is complicated, and records of all types must be stored and catagorized. It is an endless battle. People need to simplify their lives. Have you opened an old desk and counted just the pens and pencils in there? We should use and re-use or pass it on. Recycle. Photos,yes photos, those are a probem.

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