Master Bathroom Renovation

It’s a Winner!

Update (posted February 9, 2011):
At the end of the voting period on February 7th, my project earned one of the top three winning spots in the America’s Ugliest Bathrooms: Solved contest, sponsored by and American Standard.  My sincerest thanks to ALL of you for rallying behind me in my effort to win.  I couldn’t have done it without you.

The importance of a well-functioning and beautiful bathroom cannot be overstated.  These rooms are the closest thing we have in our western culture to a meditation room, where all of our most personal and private “business” takes place, and you commune with water and your true, exposed humanness.  It’s the one room in your house where there is absolutely no guilt involved with locking the door and firmly keeping out your partner, your children, your pets, and your worries.

And there is nothing more disheartening and stressful than an old, rusty, crumbling, and dirty, leaky, and ugly bathroom.

In January, I entered one of my bathroom projects in a contest on the website Daily 5 Remodel.  Here it is; a great space for a great couple.  They lived with a non-descript plain jane Master Bathroom for many years until a leak and some mold remediation convinced them it was time to renovate the room completely.

The results were stunning.  They’re so happy and I’m so proud to have helped them design the bathroom they didn’t even realize they were dreaming about.

 Porcelain & glass tile combined in new shower   Custom bathroom storage

Close up of shower renovation   Custom vanity cabinetry- Master Bathroom

You can see my contest entry here.  There were so many wonderful bathroom remodels featured; I encourage you to look at them all and vote for the one you think was the best transformation from ugly to fabulous.

Voting starts today and runs through February 7, 2011.  Please vote!

And special thanks to Leah Thayer at Daily 5 Remodel for including me!

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  2. Clean, modern lines and natural elements blend together to make an exquisite bathroom. Can’t wait to do mine!

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  4. I love your description of the bathroom in our way of living. This project turned out beautifully and I of course — wish you the best in this contest. (though it is notably awesome the way you handled that.)

    • Thank you, JB! How’s your bathroom remodel coming along?

      Alycia- I really love that glass tile too. Thanks for commenting.

      Paul- Thank you so much for your comment.

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