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I recently completed a Moxie by Proxy Master Bathroom design for a married couple living on the Treasure Coast of Florida.  Their personal life is centered on family gatherings, boating and fishing.  The Master Bathroom sorely needed updating.  It’s dark, the countertops are too low, the cabinetry and fixtures outdated, storage inadequate; you get the picture.  Here’s the picture:


Along with describing the colors and styles they were most drawn to, the wife also presented me with this favorite object, and expressed how she wanted to feel in her most private of spaces: serene, welcome, and calm.

Plus, they had the additional practical consideration of sharing the bathroom with their cat, which meant they needed to accommodate the litter box in the space (Stinky and messy certainly don’t contribute to the goals of serene and welcome!).

After multiple conversations discussing the room function, the budget, favorite colors and materials, measurements and details, I created a package for them to renovate their bathroom.


Some of the highlights: water-saving faucets, a low-consumption toilet, energy-efficient lighting, a reclaimed teak makeup stool, low VOC paint, a natural shell mirror, natural quartz countertops, porcelain tiles and glass mosaic tiles for the floors, a built-in makeup vanity, and a storage cabinet in place of an obsolete door.  And, not to be forgotten, a really cool, modern, and enclosed litter box for the Queen Cat herself. 

ModKat Litter box  (This is someone else’s cat.)

They now have a complete road map, with instructions, drawings, and selections, to remodel their bathroom.  Here are some of the couple’s comments:

“When I received the final package and looked through all the different elements, I was truly amazed by so many things.  The color was right, the fixtures were perfect, and the movement of necessities was spot on.  There were more things to take in than I could have even begun to dream of.   I really felt that Tammy listened to me and sorted out what was at the core of what I was looking to achieve.  She understood the essence of what I had to say and translated it perfectly.  The best thing about Moxie by Proxy is that the plans are laid out so easily.  All the information you need to execute what you want is presented in a fashion that is easy to read and understand.  What can I say, I am in Love!  Can’t wait to do the Kitchen!”

Why did I create Moxie by Proxy?  Sometimes you need a good map to get where you’re going on your own, along with really great advice from an experienced tour guide, but don’t have the desire or the budget to have that tour guide personally accompany you on your journey.  You deserve a good trip too, and confidence that you won’t be stuck in a swamp somewhere spinning your wheels and swatting mosquitoes.

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