New Year, New Mantras

good British design

These are my favorite Christmas gifts this year.  Double great advice for the New Year, wouldn’t you say?  Calm in the face of a storm, and grace under pressure, with my tongue firmly in-cheek.  Just good British design, old and new (and I love all things British).

Here’s to 2011!  Great beginnings and lots of hot beverages in fabulous cups.

3 comments on “New Year, New Mantras

  1. Thanks for the great comment on the New England Home blog! It brought me to your sight! I absolutely love the “Keep Calm and Carry On” mugs and have to ask you if you saw they have notepads and water bottles too now. I saw them at Paper Store and at Barnes and Noble. To the Brits!

    • Yay Brits! Thanks for visiting, Stacy! It’s great to meet you. I haven’t seen the notepads or water bottles yet. I’ll have to check them out. I also love the Keep Calm and Carry On area rugs from CB2. By the way, I’ve seen black venetian plaster in person, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Venetian plaster has a luster and dimensional depth that keeps even a really dark color like black from feeling too heavy. Really nice. Hmmm, maybe black should be the new black?

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