That's just good humor

“Time is an illusion.  Lunchtime doubly so.”

So says Ford Prefect in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (by the late, brilliantly funny Douglas Adams).

I love science fiction, and well, wickedly funny science fiction is just about my vision of nirvana.  I would like to give you more quotes from this funniest series of stories ever concocted, but every passage, every line, every phrase is so hilarious, I’d have to write the whole thing down, and that would be ridiculous.  Oh, okay, here’s one:

“…and news reports brought to you here on the sub-etha wave band, broadcasting around the Galaxy around the clock,” squawked a voice, “and we’ll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere…and to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys.”

Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

I must admit, I seem to be a bit of an anglophile.  The people, movies, comedians, books, etc., that have amused me the most throughout my life all seem to be British.  Benny Hill, Monty Python, The Young Ones, Douglas Adams, and Eddie Izzard

I’ve also been following the exploits of some whip-smart wordsmiths: Colleen Wainwright (@Communicatrix on Twitter) and Naomi Dunford (@NaomiDunford on Twitter).  Incredibly intelligent and wildly funny women that talk about their boobs and say the F-word a lot.  And I can’t forget Kelly Parkinson (@Copylicious on Twitter).  Anybody that can give credible business advice by talking about bears in the woods and using a dinosaur sock puppet named “Aaaaaawg” is one hilarious individual.

Which brings me to Madame Sunday (@ModernSauce).  Witty, funny, profane, and with excellent design taste, she keeps me laughing almost continuously.  I am incredibly jealous of her writing and internet-scouring skills.

My husband continues to make me erupt with hsyterical giggling at least four times a week, and after twenty years together, that’s saying something.

Please allow me to now introduce you to my beloved brother, John Gregorio.  He’s an actor, and his specialty is improvisation.  He lives in New York, and he is one of the funniest people I know. 

  He and some friends created a comedy improv show called The Nuclear Family, which is worth every effort you can make to see them perform.  Imagine impromptu singing, high-kicks, and lots of wigs.

Laughter- a wide toothy grin, pure delight, a polite giggle, raucous hysteria, snorts, laughter that makes you eject liquid through your nose, laughter that makes your body seize and shake uncontrollably and tears roll down your face.  I love it.  We measure the good times in our life with the quality of our laughter.  Laugh out loud, laugh proudly, with abandon, until you’re hoarse and completely spent, and do it often.

And now watch this (hey, I couldn’t help it.  I live with two small children and a man for pete’s sake.  There is something always funny about breaking wind.).

This  post was part of the Lets Blog Off series started by some funny people I associate with on Twitter.  Check them all out and join in the fun!

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  3. It’s been a while since I’ve read the Hitchhiker’s Guide books, but I remember laughing a lot! If you haven’t read it, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, also by Adams is great, too. Seems like several of us in this blog off have referenced British humor. Monty Python’s Flying Circus was huge for me when I was a teenager. My friends and I got to laugh about the show twice each week. First, I’d laugh at home while watching the show. Then, the next morning at school, we’d recount all the skits and funny lines and laugh all over again! That was probably the best thing about 10th grade for me.

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  5. the last one I was going to read for the night. . . and I am glad it was — your way is so heartfelt and soothing. Would love to share a big booming belly laugh with you one day.

  6. Tamara, you got me with that locker room humor. still laughing out loud, lawdy knows why! we can just enjoy our sicknesses. am also a sci fi fan, suppose i must read that hitchhiker book. or is it a series? just started Gibson’s series. luckily not doing blind dates and my friends … nope, even they wouldnt put up w/ that. I’d be walking! cheerio! cindy @urbanverse

  7. Oh man I can’t believe I forgot about the Guide. Seriously where was my head. Love Adams as much as the next girl. Thanks for sharing. And great to find a fellow anglophile. Don’t forget Black Books and have a look at The IT crowd.

  8. hey, that’s ME!! Thanks for the holla yo. I’m going to heed your advice and start following your twitter ladies ASAP. There can NEVER be enough f-bombs and boob talk.

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