The Grand Daydream

I dream of living in a house on a hill.  A barn, actually.  A repurposed space that was once one thing and is now another.  A place with lovely bones.  A large, loft-like space with high ceilings, rafters, clerestory windows, big sliding doors with heavy, industrial, exposed hardware, and wood floors. 

   Barn Conversion by Shed

   Shootfactorybarn found at Remodelista

 Via Remodelista

Large enough for me to dance from one end to the other: grand jetes, tour jetes, one after another. 


A place where all the choreography in my head has a chance to land on the ground and grow.  Spiral up, spiral down.  An invitation to the spirits of Jose’ Limon and Doris Humphrey, Martha Graham, and Isadora Duncan. 

  Jose Limon
  La Patria from “Dances for Isadora”- Barbara Zivich Neri (photo by Linda Alaniz)

And a place where I can make things; tinker, glue, hammer, tie, paint, glaze and throw.  Where I can leave stuff out, and come back to projects when the mood strikes, and fall into downward dog when my body says “it’s time.”

  downward dog

I want to look out my windows and see trees, and that fox we used to feed French Silk pie to.

  Gary Organschi- Outhouse

Big tables, large expanses of hand-planed wood.  Live edges. 

  Vermont Wood Studios

I want to stretch out on the floor.  No clutter, just open empty space, ready to receive whatever manifests itself there.

And a fantastic stereo.

Space for all my books, filling the walls.  And a balcony for the telescope.

  Via Interior Divine

I played in cornfields as a child, and rode my bike until dark.  I stared at the full moon like it was the face of my dearest friend and watched Orion cross the sky.  I spent my childhood in dance studios and on auditorium stages, filling the empty space with only what my body could fill it with: movement and voice.

Pretend your deaf aunt is sitting the back row.  Project!  Fill the space with You.  Own it.  Get wide.  Expand your personal sphere and reach with every extremity you have to touch the ceiling, the walls, and the ground beneath the floor.  If you fall, the floor will catch you.

  Via Broadway World

The kids will know not to disturb me here.  Their friends will say, “What is your Mom doing?”  And they will say, “She’s an artist.  She dances.  She makes things.”  “Like what?” they’ll ask, curious to look in the windows.  They will answer, “You just have to experience it.”

Sometimes an empty room is not really empty.


Where do you feel most at home?  When you dream of your most perfect space, what comes to mind?

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18 comments on “The Grand Daydream

  1. Tammy, Finally getting around to reading some older blog posts. What a beautiful description of space. I hope to have a client someday that approaches me with that kind of poetic vision. Well done.
    I offer a small token of something that only comes close to your slice of heaven from our website:
    Thanks for sharing. Best, Bob @BPomeroyBDesign

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  3. ah. . . space. and love the use of pics here tammy really adds to feeling you are trying to convey. . .especially in line with this — Project! Fill the space with You. Own it. Get wide. >>> goes beyond dance to all things where your (the) space (imagined or not) is internalize and communicated in all things you do. Love this post!

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  5. I love old building, especially re-puposed ones. I’d love an old barn if it also didn’t mean most of them are out in the middle of the country. I have to be surrounded by the sight, smells and sounds of a city.

    I grew up a skip away from the old Burlington Northern rail road yard in St. Paul. They gradually closed down the tracks and by the time I was a young adult, there were massive empty buildings all along the rails. They turned the existing terminal station into a shopping, medical center and condos. The building structure was exposed timbers, steel, etc with railroad cars driving from the walls. It is mostly empty now I hear, but..

    Anyway, there are two large building a few blocks away from me that are empty and every time I drive by them, I think it would be really cool to just have them as a big empty creative space where encore clubs could come in, sing and dance, potter could turn clay, I could have just to “make stuff.” Someday.

  6. Wow Tammy, what a great flow of topic, just like the dancers you chose. It’s all about the moment but also, do let us know when you found that barn, we want at least a weekend there. Walls full of books…so perfect. See ya later kindle :)

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    • Amy: Ideally, it would be a studio on the same property as my house, so it’s just a quick walk to get there, and I’m not actually abandoning my family! But they would need a special secret knock to come in!

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  9. Shut UP! You like to dance too?! You sound way more pro than I ever was but there is a lot of ridiculously awful interpretive dance and grand jetes in my heaven too. Fantastic post!

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